Allianz Arena

There are 33 million German football fans, according to the 2015 statistics. The intensity of the fans was looked at, so that 11% are fanatical, nearly half (45%) are passionate, 34% can be called sympathisers and 10% have an affinity. However, only 3% of the fans go to the stadium regularly.

The reason cannot be the barriers at the Alliance Arena. Special attention was paid in Munich to “Barrier freedom for all” when building the Alliance Arena. The developers invested 340.0 million euros in a gigantic infrastructure. The two clubs, Munich club FC Bayern and TSV 1860 founded the building each to 50%. In 2008 FC Bayern took over as single company holder after the TSV 1860 had financial difficulties. Alliance Insurance joined FC Bayern, Adidas and Audi as the fourth partner and ensured the registered name until the year 2041.

The arena consists of a football pitch, 2 LED video screens, 224 flood lights and room for a maximum of 75.000 spectators. Inside, the arena offers 28 kiosks, 2 fan restaurants, many clubs, as well as the event world (the biggest club museum in Germany) covering 6.000 square meters.

A remarkable number of aids and offers are the result of exchanging personal experience with affected people. You can reach the bandstand seats from the handicapped parking space without obstacle. For a match, people with the blue parking card, for the badly handicapped, have free parking in the specially designated parking spaces.

Cars transporting handicapped people – depending on the promoter – can drop their passengers where they can be taken to their seats by special buses. Many entrances have lifts or obstacle-free paths.

There is first-class seating room for 227 wheelchair users and their escorts on the longitudinal upper side of the lower terrace. The whole of the second level is obstacle-free. There you can find kiosks, medical facilities for the handicapped, special toilets (only to be used with a Euro handicapped WC key) and lifts to the other levels. The area is covered and has extra storage space.

There are 20 reception points for the blind and hard of hearing, offering 2 transmitters from which 2 commentators will speak as if it were on the radio.

There are augmented reality glasses for the blind and hard of hearing which must be ordered beforehand. The commentary appears simultaneously as a live subtitle using an app.

Guided tours for the handicapped are on offer twice a week at 2 p.m. when there isn’t a match on.

The arena promoters, as well as the club, have made it their aim to give every person, handicapped or not, a superb football match and sport experience. This aim has been as good as reached, using extensive structural aids. The arena also presents the biggest visible membrane shell with its 2784 diamond shaped inflated cushions on its facade – which like a UFO – can be seen from the Austrian mountaintops on a clear night.